Surveillance and Flames- BB7 house reflects the Intensity of this years Allstar Competition


Surveillance and seguidores Flames- BB7 house reflects the Intensity of this years Allstar Competition

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CBS has released this summers version of Big Brother… The all-stars series! What does the big brother house look like? What are the main themes? How does this Big Brother Relate to George Orwells ideas of “Big Brother” surveillence?


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“Big Brother,” originally a character in George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty Four, was a supreme ruler that had control over a totalitarian state. This fictional society that Orwell creates, is described as under complete surveillance by authorities, opinion instaboom where “Big Brother is Watching you.”

In this years CBS Big Brother 7, not only will Big Brother be watching over the houseguests, but viewers are also granted ruling power over the house as they choose their 6 favorite previous houseguests to compete in the “All-Stars” series. I wonder if this is what Orwell had in mind? Just like propaganda was used to control the population in Orwell’s book, propaganda for houseguests will be coming forth at all angles- people reflecting upon houseguests previous moves in Big Brother forums all over the net, and fans judging them on their past performances by watching past clips, commercials and their promotional videos…. Propaganda for seguidores Big Brother Houseguests will be everywhere on t-shirts, flyers, forums, TV…. there is no telling how extreme fans will go… Who will you vote for?

The new Big Brother House will leave nothing to the imagination of the viewer. Surveillance will exist in every corner of the house, along with memorabilia from past shows. The cost of the house… $350,000… with several intense features. The living room is decked out in bright bold colors such as red and orange and a 16 foot tall wall of neon flames will be hard to miss. The wall is said to either “make you want to drink a cocktail or kill somebody, or both”… a perfect melody of what should reflect the mood of this game- Good versus Evil… These veterans better be careful, as this game in this environment is obviously going to be cut throat and HOT HOT HOT! The kitchen continues the theme of flames but also adds a jail feeling with a solid brick kitchen floor. No wonder houseguests in other countries have gone to psychiatric wards after the show… the intensity of this environment should really turn up the heat of emotions, seguidores reales conflicts, and twists. The last feature of the house is several cases full of memorabilia from past seasons- most likely these items will also stir up some good and bad memories.

The house is monitored by cameras in every room- there is nothing you can’t do without being watched- Orwell’s symbolism becomes reality- everyone being watched 24/7. Make sure you become part of Big Brother and get access to live video feeds straight from the house.

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