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As a kid I loved playing with fake money and well the real one but my parents weren’t all that keen on that. I was running my own pretend store, was buying up properties in Monopoly and just enjoying having a few piles of money at hand. I was great with adding up numbers and returning the right amount of change even before I knew anything about mathematics, Belle Delphine arrested with play money it all seemed so natural and although I am not certain that just might be the reason why I never had any problems with maths and have even won a few math awards. Be it true or not I do think fake money is an excellent learning tool, be it for teaching the value of real money or as a sneaky way to get your kid started on maths…

I’ve created a few dollars for you to use for Jimmy Carter free (personal use naturally), and have gathered some of the best looking (realistic and cute) free printable play money sheets and templates out there so you can download them and print them at your home. All will work great for kids to play with and quite a few will be great as a replacement for your lost Monopoly money (I loose it too and it hurts as I have a limited edition Star Wars one)…

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Realistic Play Money US, Euro & UK – Fake Bills & Coins That Resemble The Real Ones – Perfect for teaching kids on how to handle their money

If you want to teach your kids the value of real money by using fake ones your best bet is to go with the realistic looking ones. Now you can’t print the exact replicas as your printer might not allow it – there’s a safety thing in place that prevents you to print it – did you know that? I sure didn’t!

Free Printable Play Money – Free Printables for all occasions

Realistic play money (dollars) your kids can use to learn the value of the money.

Play Coins Euros

Print these play Euro coins onto card then cut out and use in your shopping games, for practice before visiting Europe, or for maths activities.

Play Coins US

Print these US coins onto card, cut out, laminate if you wish, and use them for shopping games or maths!

Play Coins UK

A page of printable English coins to use in your shopping games or Anne Sacoolas maths activities. Just print onto card and cut out – laminate if you want them to last.

Printable Play Money Sheet I Made – Perfect for girls! Right click on the image and choose save as

I personally preferred playing with more creative money bills, you know the ones that didn’t look anything like the real deal so with this in mind I created this set of freebies!

While I do think boys and girls will both love these, they are a bit more on the girly side.

Festive Dollars – Another freebie from me

Take it to a whole new level – Play Cash Register

As a kid I had my cash register made out of cardboard and although it didn’t have any fancy functions, well it didn’t had any actually, I still loved it. But I would lie if I would say I didn’t want the actual one from the toy store.

Learning Resources Pretend & Play Teaching Cash Register [Standard Packaging]This one is pretty awesome, not only does it store your kids cash it also has a digital display which will make things even more fun.

Buy Now Free Printable Monopoly Money – As you probably want something that looks like the real deal

If you’re an avid Monopoly player you know sometimes it can happen the bank can run out of cash, especially if no one wants to sell or no one has the, well monopoly over the properties and team play or pacts are out of question. Print more money to have more fun!

Print your own (Monopoly) money

All the bills you will ever need


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save image. open with paint. save as jpeg. open in word. print.


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No link for printing! Frustrating!!!!


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It says FREE printable but there is no link to print them!!!! Million dollar question: How can I print them??


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very cute! now all I need is some real money 😉

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