Delete Cookies Using Safari on Mac

Your internet browser stores the small files which contain user data. An easy step-by-step guide is given below to help you deleting cookies on Mac’s Safari browser.


From Safari menu, click “preferences”

Under the tab named “Security”, choose “Show Cookies”

Select “Remove All”. Selecting Remove All will delete all cookies in your Mac but if you want to delete certain cookies highlight that group of cookies and then select “Remove”.

Then read the message of confirmation on screen and click “Remove”. The cookies are deleted now.

Now simply close dialog box after clicking “done”.

Safari 5.1: New Display

Snow Leopard and Mountain Lion supports Safari 5.1. While using your Safari you can delete them by following these simple steps:

Select “preferences” from Safari menu.

Under the tab of “Privacy”, select “Details”. You will be directed to a screen display of tracking data. You can also observe that this new version, Safari 5.1 provides a modified display which is very user-friendly but a little les detailed as compared to previous versions. In Safari 5.1 you cannot surgically select the cookies you want to delete for some particular sites. So, if you want to get more control over the cookies which you want to remove, you should go for the workaround method.

Select “Remove All”. Unless you want to delete cookies for certain sites which you may do by highlighting them and clicking “Remove”.

A confirmation message now appears on your MacBook screen. Click on Remove again to delete data.

Now click “Done” so that you can close this dialog box after removing everything.

Safari 5.1: New Display Workaround

Snow Leopard and Mountain Lion support this new version of Safari. If you want to be more specific about deleting the internet cookies which you select, 우리카지노계열가입 this method will work best for you.

Click on “Preferences” from Safari menu.

Under “Advanced” tab. Click on the option given for showing Develop menu in the menu bar . Selecting this will make you enabled to view a comprehensive and detailed list of cookies associated with any particular site.

If you want to remove all the data of certain specific site, you can use the previously given methods.

And if you want to select particular data of a site, click on ” Show Web Inspector”. You can find this option in Develop Menu which you just enabled.

Under the tab of “Resources”, 우리카지노총판 expand the folder of “Cookies”. From here, you may browse various cookies of each site.

Use “X” button to remove cookies. All you need to do is to simply highlight cookie(s) which you want to remove and 우리카지노계열추천 then click “X” on the bottom of window.

Close Web Inspector 우리카지노총판 now. And if you want to re-hide Developer Menu, you can do it by going back to the Preferences.

Deleting Cookies Permanently

Select “Preferences” from Safari menu.

Click on “Never” next to the “Accept cookies” from under the tab of “security”.

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